Keynote Session: UnStuck

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About This Event

Our history is filled with static thinking, lack of innovation and creativity, and both an inability and reluctance to solve some of our most pressing problems. This is a pattern that plays out with individuals over the course of a lifetime, but can also be seen in families, communities, organizations, institutions, governments, even nations. We become stuck; nostalgic of the past, fearful of change, resistant to seeing things differently, and adherent to the same old rule and dogma. The question is why, and more importantly, how do we prevent it from happening? How do we get UnStuck?

Learnings include:

  • Discover the causes of static thinking and how it prevents individuals and organizations from reaching their full potential.
  • Learn how the default position of our brain is to resist change and avoid progress.
  • Discover why creativity, innovation, and forward-thinking is so rare and how individuals, groups, and organizations can adopt and follow a specific process to achieve these qualities.
December 8, 2020
12:05 pm
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