Frank Ancharski

Founder and Chief Coaching Officer, Club Coach Services

About the Speaker

Frank is an industry veteran serving as a GM, VP, CEO and Owner. He is the most recent COO of American Family Fitness in Richmond VA, a 9 site multi-purpose club chain. He is also the owner, founder and Chief Coaching Officer of his boutique consulting company, Club Coach Services. Also, he currently serves on the IHRSA Standards and Membership “Headlight” Committees.

Some of his partnerships were located in Orlando; Atlanta; Washington, DC; Boston, Fort Wayne, Exeter, NH, Chicago; Pittsburgh, PA; Marblehead, MA; San Francisco; Anchorage, AK; and internationally in Palermo, Italy, and Toronto, Canada. He opened a 23,000-member, 275 team member, $16 million revenue, 43% EBITDA-producing commercial club for Life Time Fitness in Cary, NC.

Certified as an exercise test technologist and health/fitness director for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Frank received his B.S. in kinesiology from Penn State and his M.S. in health fitness management from American University. He is an examiner for the Medical Fitness Association’s Facility Certification and member of its Education Committee. A former president of MACMA, he is also a current curriculum advisor and alumni presenter for the IHRSA Institute, IHRSA, Club Industry, MACMA, NEHRSA. Lastly, he has participated in TEDxRVA as a speaker candidate and volunteer.

Frank Ancharski

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